Trip to Harappa Civilization Site

Harappa can be reached from Lahore in about two and a half hours via Multan road. It is home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization that thrived on the banks of the Ravi River during the times of Mesopotamia and ancient Egypt.

We hit the road at seven in the morning and made a short stop at Sahiwal on our way before reaching the small underdeveloped city of Harappa. Tourists who are new to this area should have no trouble in finding the excavated archaeological site of the Harappan Civilization as it lies on the main road that leads into the city of Harappa.

Note: If you are planning to travel to Harappa, then bear in mind that the Harappan Civilization site is strictly for people who have an interest in history or archeology. You will not come across anything glittery at this place, nor will you find any breathtaking architectural splendors.

Upon reaching the site of ancient Harappa you will have to buy a ticket at the entrance and a short walk will take you to the Harappa museum. It is small compared to most museums but holds a number of historically significant artifacts. Photography is strictly forbidden within the precincts of the museum. The administration will not allow you to photograph any of the excavated artifacts even if you offer them a handsome amount of money.

A brief walk from the museum will put you on the track to the excavated remains of Harappa. Boards with historical notes and captions are available throughout the site and sign posts make it fairly easy for one to navigate across the ancient sites.

The following are the museum timings: 

The most remarkable site of all is the bathing platforms, well and the drainage system network. You will also come across several mounds that have been labeled with the relevant dates and structures that once stood there. You will get a chance to explore ancient granary and cemeteries of the Harappans as well.

The track even took us to a mosque constructed inside the precincts of Harappa's excavated remains. It was built during the pre-Mughal era (AD 1526 - 1707).

Don't forget to buy some lunch or breakfast before you travel to Harappa as you will not find any restaurants in the city. There is also a small Sikh Gurdwara near the excavated remains of the Harappan civilization.

Not all but some of the structures have been reconstructed based on historical data. Many Harappan era bricks were plundered from this site during the British rule for the construction of a railway track.